Two weeks have come to pass since the con, and it is still a long way to go before Finncon 2019 in Jyväskylä, so here’s a collection of memories for you to hold on to and to keep the feeling going.

Photos taken by our photographers have now been put into albums. The photos can be used according to their CC license, meaning, for example, that you can share them, but you must mention the photographer’s name.

General photos of the con
Photos from the photo booth
Guests of honour

The conzines in digital format. The editor-in-chief has also announced a fourth issue to be released after the con.

Con reports (mainly in Finnish)

The filks performed by Filkkifriikit at the evening party.

The works recommended in the name dropping panel on con Saturday.


Thank you again for everyone who was on board in the con in one way or another!

Finncon 2018 is over!

Picture by Henry Söderlund

The con received approximately 3 000 visitors over a warm and sunny weekend. Finncon 2018 was the result of a joint effort and the connittee would like to thank everyone who took part: the volunteers, the speakers, the vendors, the associations, the supporting members and all the visitors and of course our fantastic trio of Guests of Honour, Lauren Beukes, Maria Turtschaninoff and Merja Polvinen. A special thank you goes to the arrangers of previous Finncons, who supported us during this voyage.

The next chance to take part in the Finncon experience is in Jyväskylä on 5-7 July 2019. The Guests of Honour there are the translator Kersti Juva, professor Raine Koskimaa, the publisher Cheryl Morgan and the author Charles Stross. Follow the next Finncon on Twitter at @Finncon2019.

Turku says thank you!

P.s. We would love to get your con-reports and comments! Send your reports to the address tiedotus@2018.finncon.org


There have been some last minute changes to the con programme. The latest version (July 12th) is available on the internet (KonOpas, Kompassi and our website) and can as a booklet in the info desk in Natura.

Programme changes:

Buffy 20 vuotta -paneeli
Moved to lecture hall XV, Sat at 11-11.45 am

Mitä ulostulotarinoiden jälkeen?
Moved to lecture hall X, Sun at 2-2.45 pm

Minne menet, genre?
Moved to lecture hall XVII, Sat at 2-2.45 pm

Merja Polvinen’s GoH Speech

moved to Auditorio, Quantum (floor -1), Sat at 11 am

Vaihtoehtoisten todellisuuksien kielet is not in the programme book. It is on Saturday at 1-2.45 pm.

Maria Turtschaninoff’s GoH speech (Sun at 11-11.45 am) will be held in English.

Signing schedule

There is a signing table in the hall of the second floor of Quantum.

Schedule for the weekend:


12.15-12.45 pm Osuuskumma: Olli Lönnberg ja Mia Myllymäki
2-2.30 pm Haamu Kustannus: Ilkka Auer and Jaana Ala-Huissi
3.15-3.45 pm Lauren Beukes


11-11.30 am Nysalor
(2-2.30 pm Osuuskumma, unconfirmed)
3-3.30 pm Maria Turtschaninoff

GoH programme

There are plenty of opportunities to meet the Guests of Honour during the weekend! Every Guest of Honour gives a speech, they form the jury at the Finncon Masquerade, and participate e.g. in panels. Each Author Guest of Honour also has her own signing and  Q&A session, and one can sit down with them and have a relaxed coffee at a Kaffeeklatsch at café Galilei.

Make sure to register for a Kaffeeklatsch in advance at the Info Desk at the Con! The maximum number of participants at a Kaffeeklatsch is 10 persons.

Send questions for Guests of Honour Q&A sessions:

Questions for Lauren Beukes (in English) should be sent to qabeukes@johanjonsson.net

Questions for Maria Turtschaninoff (in English, Swedish or Finnish) should be sent to QA-turtschaninoff@2018.finncon.org

Full GoH programme

The con week is nearly upon us! Before that, there are two important deadlines on Monday, July 9:

  • Deadline to sign up for the Fantasy Flea Market. You can still sign up to bring your books to be sold, instructions can be found here.
  • Last day to purchase a supporting membership. We thank everyone who has supported Finncon so far! If you want to pitch in, buy your supporting membership here.


The supporting membership sales have been going strong throughout the spring and we would like to give huge thanks to all current supporting members! There is still a chance to get your own membership if supporting Finncon and enjoying the benefits of supporting membership piques your interest. NB! If you are interested in also getting a personalised name badge for the convention, sign-up for the membership Sun 1 July at the latest. The price will still be 25€.


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Sign up for Finncon Masquerade

The Finncon Masquerade takes place on Saturday 14th of July at 4 pm. You can take part alone or as a group and the costumes can be science fiction, fantasy, anime/manga or horror themed. To sign up, email sirpapahkuri(at)cms.finncon.org and include your contact details (name, date of birth, email address, and phone number) as well as the name and origin (tv series, book, etc.) of your character. The deadline for sign-ups is Friday the 13th of July!

The prizes will be awarded to the winners on Saturday night at 9 pm at the official Finncon evening party.

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Finncon wouldn’t be Finncon without parties!

The official Finncon evening party is held at Panimoravintola Koulu on Saturday 14 July. The definite program will be finalised nearer to the actual event but the traditional awards ceremony for the masquerade contest, book launch parties as well as other relevant shenanigans will be part of it.

If you are at the area already on Friday, Cosmic Comic Cafe offers an unofficial kick-start to the con weekend on Friday 13 July.

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